Vonage updating hardware


Am I alone in being a little upset that they want me to pay 120 bucks for a router they offer for 20 bucks to new customers?

I've been a customer for over a year and have the old Motorola router.

Vonage and Vocalocity also offer apps for i Phone and Android users.

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For business Vo IP services from Vonage or Vocalocity, you will need high-speed Internet access.

To use Vocalocity's hosted PBX service, you will need IP phones or ATA Vo IP adapters (if you intend to stick with your analog phones).

Vocalocity offers a range of IP phones for use with its business voice over IP service.

Vonage offers only a handful of Vo IP features that are exclusive to its business Vo IP plans, such as: Vonage is a residential Vo IP service provider that also offers a basic foundation of business Vo IP services.

Vocalocity is a specialist in business Vo IP solutions, with a wide array of business Vo IP features and cloud-based, hosted PBX services. Vocalocity for a small-business Vo IP solution, Vocalocity offers a wider spectrum of (mostly free) business voice over IP services.

(Vocalocity doesn't require a contract, but its minimum order is one Unlimited Extension for .99/month and a Main Company Number for .99/month.) The rates listed do not include any applicable taxes and fees for the Vo IP service.

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