Undue dating mistakes for women


"For the family to thrive, you must care regularly for the marital couple," she says.

"It's also a great message for kids to know that Mom and Dad need uninterrupted, warm time together."While husbands had their fishing trips and local group meetings, housewives had little contact with adults, says Dr.

Legally, it was more difficult to obtain a divorce, and the financial ramifications for women were often too much to overcome, explains Dr. No, divorce shouldn't be the go-to way to manage marital problems, but women in danger now have someplace to go.

Even if parents didn't arrange their children's marriages, they certainly had a lot of input as to how their sons and daughters lived, says Dr. Back then, Dad brought his future son-in-law into the family business, people lived closer to relatives and the extended family ate Sunday meals together, she explains.

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If things aren't going well in one area, other aspects in your life can make you feel positive," says Dr. People wanted to talk about their feelings, but they didn't know how, says Dr. "There wasn't a plethora of self-help books or a lot of social support," she says.

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