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Prior to that, he could be seen in the realm of acting as a reporter in a film titled “Volcano” which stars Tommy Lee Jones.

He is also a frequent guest on “Kevin and Bean Morning Show” and “Larry King Live” on CNN.

Harvey Levin was born on 2 September 1950 in Los Angeles, California; the United States of America. From 18 December 1975 till 1 January 1996, Levin became actively involved as an attorney in California State.

As an adult, his goal was to become a law professor. He even worked as a teacher for the University of Miami School of Law.

Despite the fact that it launched as recently as 2005, TMZ is already a major player online: it attracts an average of 58 million users per month across its website and apps; last year The New York Times named TMZ the 10th most popular news site, as measured by Google news and Google blog hits.

Before being the faculty member of this college he went to Los Angeles to practice law.

Later as Harvey Levin started getting involved in many public debate shows.

He first grabbed the attention of people during a debate on California Proposition 13.

Voodoo Festival Grand Prize winner and Breakfast with Foo Fighters announcement.

Beer Mug Tries Out for the LA Kings Emergency Goalie.

Harvey Levin is a versatile person who has been involved in many other fields like television production, law firm, celebrity news reporting and legal analysis.

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