Sagittarius man dating sagittarius women

What relationships will turn up the heat and what relationships will burn the fire out?

If you're trying to find love, Sun sign compatibility is a good indicator of how a relationship will work.

Scorpio lives in a world of black and white and does not see the middle ground in most situations.

Sagittarius on the other hand, is as free as a bird, always up to something new.

However, Scorpio can always rely on Sagittarius to make them laugh when they are feeling down.

Sagittarius tends to view the glass as half full, and they have a highly contagious sense of humor.

Sagittarius helps Scorpio take things more lightly.

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Of course, Sun sign compatibility is just the beginning.

Sagittarius will likely say that having freedom is their utmost priority, and even if it seems like they are off somewhere, Sagittarius will always come back to Scorpio if she trusts him. The solution for Scorpio would be to learn the art of detachment and not attempt to always get Sagittarius to stick by their side, but to simply express their desire for Sagittarius’ presence and patiently observe their response.

The greatest threat to a successful partnership is if either of you fail to be truthful with one another, and/or if you impose on one another’s freedom.

However over time, Sagittarius may find Scorpio to be too overbearing or intense for their light-hearted, go-with-the-flow nature.

Scorpio views Sagittarius as a bit of a weird mystery, because they are so used to figuring everyone out upon the first few seconds of meeting them.

This can be very disheartening and disappointing for Scorpio, as Scorpio seems to always be the one giving more in the relationship.

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