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One has to do with product adoption life cycles, which I’ll explain below.

There have been reports that Soundcloud would consider any bids higher than the total amount of money invested into the company to date. The road they’ve been forced into is a dead-end street, and the only end game is a quick acquisition.As we’ve all noticed from the jubilant press reports on streaming’s expansion, we’re in the growth part of the cycle.This means services like Spotify and Apple Music have to get really good at targeting Early Majority and Late Majority type consumers.Since my account is brand-new, I have zero connections, so naturally the Stream, Notifications, and Messages will all be empty for a while.To fix this “problem,” I clicked on People under the Discover panel and was led to this search box that sort of resembles those you can find on online dating sites.At that time, people in the music business were desperate to for another My Space to emerge: the site had been a ray of hope, but as it collapsed, online music was scattered across an immature ecosystem of rapidly growing startups like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Spotify, and many others that were eventually acquired or perished and forgotten.

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