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Evidence for the crime of causing injuries and its punishment is relatively ample and dates mainly to the Ramesside Period. Diverse sentences are mentioned in texts such as corporal punishments as flogging or forced labor. The use of force was, however, not sanctioned throughout.

Force against dependent persons and children was seen not only legitimate but necessary to maintain order.

By: Renate Müller-Wollermann In ancient Egypt crimes are acts against other persons or the state.

In sum, intercourse with a married woman was considered a crime regardless of whether the man was married or not.Later he swears not to meet her, on penalty of being sent to the quarry at Elephantine.But if a woman initiates adultery that leads to divorce or repudiation, she loses her bride price and remains without means.According to a court protocol from Deir el-Medineh near Thebes dating to the Ramesside Period, a worker is accused of having insulted the king but his punishment is unknown.Only one text provides direct information about desertion.The worst culprits were sentenced to death; others were allowed to commit suicide.

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