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” Jyushi had been adamant on doing the paying and Ichi had been more than happy to let him handle it. It was a wrestle to get the older brother off the patient. All they could do is wait for the doctor to come tell them how the operation went.The Matsuno brothers’ parents had gone to a month-long trip off to ‘anywhere else but Japan’ as they had said and left the six to fend for themselves. They needed a vacation after looking after their sons when they all got simultaneously sick about a week ago. ” Ichi asked his brother while petting the cat, mumbling sweet nonsenses to it. They tried to get him to lay down but he wouldn’t budge from his brother’s side. His skin was getting paler by the minute and the paramedics were shouting to each other to hurry up. A couple beeps later the oldest brother picked up, “What is it Ichimatsu? Have faith brothers.” “What I’m saying is that the brain damage could change your brother’s personality”, the doctor continued, “Why Jyushimatsu? “Come on, let’s go”, Osomatsu said, leading the group to the hospital room’s door. ” Osomatsu told his little brother who was beginning to hyperventilate. Calm down.” “O-Okay.” “We’ll be right there”, was the final thing Osomatsu told his brother before ending the call.“I’ll take some more shifts in the café”, Todomatsu piped in. “Hey guys, you think one of us should stay here for the night? ” Osomatsu said taking a firm grip on the fourth brother’s hood. When the group was sure to have left the building, Todomatsu sat to the now empty chair next to the bed, “What are we going to do with you? Some information for the doctor Totty wouldn’t have any hope of understanding. There was no way he would be up in a second after a crash with a truck. He didn’t want to admit that his brother might never play baseball again. “Knowing you though, I think you’ll be up in a week at most”, Ichi told his comatose brother, “You’re too hyper to stay asleep for that long.” He talked about his night.To the point that baseball was the only thing he’d speak of. Osomatsu would join in the fun by telling his brother to calm down. Osomatsu hit the both on the head, gently, “Shut it.” The school nurse arrived within a minute and gave Jyushimatsu an icepack to hold on the eye. It looked like a hurricane had come and ripped through their apartment. A thin cloud of dust particles danced in the morning sun glistening from the living room window. And by the way, it’s the ambulance, not the police.” “Ah, right! He took her bags, seemingly full of groceries and offered to carry them for her. Alright, follow me.” The two arrived to the granny’s house. The granny laughed, “I do many things, not only cakes. Consider it a thank you for your help.” “Of course! ” She opened the door and slid it open with an audible creak. There’s an even coat of dust mixed with flour on every open surface. ” the old lady laughed from the kitchen, “Everything is in the second cupboard from the left. I used to photograph the bugs I’d catch, too.” “Really?! After that was done it was time to welcome the morning’s regular customers.

Jyushi had been super excited about the game, of course. Though he just looked from the bench and threw some comments all while petting some random cat he’d come across. Just call me Granny.” As the two stepped into the apartment, Osomatsu wished he had had some time to tidy up the place before the surprise guest’s arrival. ” Jyushi asked excited after skimming through the shop window. They needed something warm to drink after walking in the cold rain, “Coffee or tea? My brothers keep telling me I should never drink coffee”, Jyushi shouted back wandering into the living room, “It really is dusty in here.” “If it bothers you that much why not take a duster and take it off? She giggled which soon broke out into an all-out laughter, “If that’s so I need to show you my pictures! I really don’t have any money to give to you-“ “Woooow, they look so delicious! ” Jyushi interrupted marveling the contents of the bag Granny had given him, “Thank you so much! How about I make you as many different ones as possible and you can pick a favorite from those? He’d of course taste every one of them before placing them down. She had actually made extra just to give to the boy.This kitty clearly needed some food, so it would get some. His little brother who was lying on the concrete with a large gash visible on his head. He could see his little brother was losing the fight to sleep. He stepped into the room and plopped down onto a chair next to the hospital bed.Ichimatsu scooped a handful of treats out of the bag and handed them to the stray. ” Jyushi stated the obvious crouching down with his brother, “He has a round white spot on his fur. ” Ichi felt like laughing to his brother’s weird logic and naming skills but decided against it, “How about Batter? His right hand seemed off too, it was bruised, scraped and twisted. Ichi, chocked with his tears again told his brother the cat was alright and that the ambulance would be coming. He took his brother’s arm to his own and just sat there. Even the only resident didn’t bring any color to it. He was hooked to many machines that kept beeping away eerily. Jyushi’s steady, quiet breathing could be heard through the machinery.It had been a stomach bug, and had lasted for five days straight. It’s night there now, though”, Ichimatsu simply stated, hoping the simple answer would make his brother shut up. At that exact moment a black cat, obviously a stray, wandered from the bushes straight to the brothers’ path. Jyushi dug around the grocery store’s cheap plastic bag for a good minute before triumphantly raising a bag or treats hight above his head. When they finally arrived to the hospital, Jyushimatsu was wheeled off into an operating room. He’d have to answer after looking at the caller ID. They all stopped in front of the plain, boring door.It mewled in hunger and rubbed its sleek body against Ichi’s leg. ‘It wasn’t like he had found the rarest item on some stupid RPG game or something. ’ Ichimatsu thought to himself but accepted the offered bag. I told you to stay awake”, Ichimatsu told his brother strictly. A doctor, a kind looking elderly man, came to Ichimatsu and told him all he could do was to wait and call any relatives. Would they want to see the damage done to their brother? ” Ichimatsu asks his younger brother as they’re walking home from the local mall. They’d draw a pair of brothers to do go grocery shopping together, and this week the pair just happened to be the fourth brother, Ichimatsu and the fifth, Jyushimatsu. ” was the merry response from the younger, who was swinging his two grocery bags around like crazy. ” “Okay, thanks.” “You think mom and dad are doing grocery shopping too? Well, nothing out of the usual coming from Jyushi, though. ” Jyushi exclaimed, “It’s hungry.” “Didn’t you have the treats in your bag? They gave Ichimatsu an orange blanket he didn’t notice. He just kept staring at his little brother who looked so fragile on the stretcher. We don’t know how that will affect him when he wakes up.” It was Karamatsu’s turn to butt in, “Jyushimatsu is Jyushimatsu he’ll be back to his cheery self in no time. “If you want to go and see him he is in the room number 050”, the doctor said before turning away.

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