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If you enter a plea of not responsible on your arraignment date, the Judge will set your case for a Civil Traffic Hearing on a future court date.Plea of Responsible - You admit that you committed the violation, that the act is prohibited by law and that you have no legal defense for your act.You may ask the Judge to issue subpoenae that require the witnesses to appear and testify on the trial date.You may also present diagrams, photographs and other forms of evidence if you wish.

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The final Championship field will be 156 players, made up of place-winners from the Arizona Open Championship qualifying events and those players exempt from qualifying.

The Gilbert Municipal Court has jurisdiction over civil traffic violations committed within the Town of Gilbert. No jail time or probation can be imposed for a civil traffic violation.

The following information is intended to provide a brief description of the options available to you when you receive a civil traffic citation, including your rights and duties.

The Arizona Open Championship is administered by the Southwest PGA and has roots dating back to the inaugural event held in 1937.

This historical championship has been held annually since 1953 and boasts an impressive list of past champions including Johnny Bulla, Dale Douglas and Curt Byrum.

A plea of responsible will result in the civil traffic conviction being reported to MVD, where other consequences may be imposed.

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