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The idea of gliding across the sea with great ease is extremely appealing, but how often does it go right first time?

One ambitious young woman gave it her all and kudos to her for a stellar attempt.

With her friend primed the video camera, a holidaymaker decided to have a go at the watersport.

Wearing a white two piece bikini, she tied up her brunette hair so she could concentrate on the job at hand. She can stand up on the board and seems to have her balance perfectly.

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The tents are raised off the ground on wooden platforms (so you’re not sleeping on the floor) and they have a thick canvas covering with proper beds inside - so it's very different to normal camping!We do quite fancy some of the Southern ones, like the Southern Belle accent, which is a lot less trashy. It’s unfortunate, because I’m sure a lot of the women with those accents are quite intelligent.” “In America, a joke is something that has a punch line. Sometimes an American girl just looks at you funny, and there’s no laugh — just a look of bewilderment — where the “ha ha” moment should be. ” “In England, there’s no expectation until ‘girlfriend’ status has been declared. So, if you hook up with someone (not including one night stands, of course), you’re beholden to them in some way. Meanwhile the boat drives off leaving her in the wake of her disaster - albeit with a delicious beer in hand.The video has had a whopping three million views and it's not hard to see why.Unlike the other Camp Types, Counsellors generally stay in separate accommodation to the campers, so you will have the luxury of a staff only tent.

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